Same stuff, different title.

So, a while ago I was watching The Music Man. Which I could write a whole separate post about, because it’s a musical I watched a lot as a kid and then didn’t watch for a long time, so it’s stayed associated with childhood in my mind, and what with the whole old-timey wholesome Americana thing River City has going on (which, as a kid, I was not savvy enough to realize the musical was poking fun at), I spent a long time carrying around this idea of The Music Man as kind of banal and hokey, but with catchy music.

And then, on a whim, I watched a clip of “Ya Got Trouble” on YouTube.

Friends, The Music Man is not banal and hokey. The Music Man does not present an uncomplicated, uncritical picture of small-town life in early 20th-century America. The Music Man is full of wit and wordplay so fast and smart it makes my head spin and surprising moments of delightful innuendo. I immediately put the DVD at the very top of my Netflix queue and watched it with great delight when it came.

And, as I did so, I reflected that “libertine men and scarlet women” would make a great name for a band, a blog, or both.

And, since nolabibliophile was mostly a “I want to start a blog but I can’t think of a clever name for it, eh, this’ll do” name, now Libertine Men and Scarlet Women is the name of a blog. Not a band, yet, because I still haven’t found the free time, gumption, or people who can actually play instruments to start a band with me.

My main concern in using the name for myself is that it may not fit. What it really sounds like, to me, is that it should be the name of a blog dedicated to awesome scandalous figures in history, which is the sort of thing I might blog about if the occasion strikes but is not exactly my main purpose. But I still wanted to use it (and was impressed it was available), so I will try to be worthy.

I will also try to blog more often, because, friends, the idle brain is the devil’s playground.